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ebay313 @ 01:13 am: Michigan Licensing
I'm hoping someone knows this.
When I was in school (MSW) I was told a person can get their license in both clinical and macro with one as the primary and one as the secondary- you get the same hours in your primary as normal and slightly fewer in the secondary, and take both tests. And I have seen people who claim to be licensed as both macro and clinical.
I'm only just now get around to trying to get my limited license because I'm still unemployed and licensing is expensive! (at least it is to me since I have no income yet).
But looking at the forms, it says you have to choose either clinical or macro- and doesn't give any option for doing both. I don't want to guess and mess things up (can I select both and pay twice the fee? Can I apply for one now and send a second application for the other later?)

So hoping someone here knows about this!


EDIT: Ok looking closer at the forms I see that there is an option to do both, it just isn't under the limited license box.
The one I am looking at is the Application for Master's Social Worker License
It says
[]Limited Master's Social Worker License Fee:$40.00 71-6801-03
[]Clinical []Macro
[]Master's Social Worker License- Clinical- Fee: $40.00 71-6801-01
[]Add Macro Fee $15.00 71-6801-01
[]Master's Social Worker License- Macro- Fee $40.00 71-6801-01
[]Add Clinical Fee $15 71-6801-01
[]Master's Social Worker License- by Endorsement- Fee $40.00 71-6801-09
[]Clinical []Macro"

This is still confusing me. From what it looks like to me though... I could apply for the limited license in one of the other, and then later apply for a full license with my hours and add on the other at that time?

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