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changinglight @ 12:57 pm: role clarification and relationship building/maintaining questions
clearly need to do some clarification around my role with the Legislative Advocacy Committee here.  I can't remember if I talked about this or not, the backstory is that I've been asked to be the lead staff person on this patient-driven initiative.  And as part of that, a week ago, I suggested (via email) the idea of an infrastructure subcommittee to put together things like drafts of letters, the components of an action alert, etc.  This is largely because the formal committee meets every other month for 1.5 hours and consists of 5-8 patients and then the senior vice presidents, chief nursing manager, chief medical officer, and a few more execs thrown in for good measure.  To me, those are the kind of folks that can't be bothered to sit in a meeting and draft website content, etc.  

So, when I sent out the email to the patients chairing the committee, they freaked out.  The lead co-chair immediately called my supervisor because she was convinced that I was trying to take over the project, and the other chair reiterated his need to work with the larger committee about these small decisions.  

I hate it when people don't address their issues with me directly.  But, I sort of understand.  I guess.  In supervision, my supervisor  and I talked about format and my role as more of facilitator and support person rather than "do-er."  All of which is great if I am actually allowed to function in this role, and she suggested that it would be helpful if I did continue to do that.  Move on to today, when she forwarded me an email with website content that had been in conversation for about three weeks...I had absolutely no knowledge of it, and she sent it to me with an FYI.  I think that I'm supposed to take that as "this is happening, but you're not supposed to do anything about it,"  and for some reason, it just rankles.  

Am I over-reacting here?  How am I supposed to handle this?

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